Soda Fountain Machine Plain Soda

Soda Fountain Machine Plain Soda

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we use emerson (kirloskar) compressor and GE marathon motor, these both have 1 year
warranty and the copy of bills will be provided to customer, this ensures that we have used a
genuine and new compressor and drive motor. the other important component , pump is italian
made Fluid-O-Tech and carbonator is Maxican made and produses 4.5 grade soda strenth .. the
most important is the valves from were you dispense soda . these shold be high quality and so
we use only Lancer USA Made.

* flavoures for soft drinks are easily avaible in majour cities buy we recomend you to purchase
from hyderbad at 15%disc and mumbai at 20% disc .. these are 100grams powder satchet by
Rasna & Apollo, you get different flavours like orange, lemon massala, blueberry etc, you take
any one flour pouch ain a 20lts bucket and add 6lts water and 6kgs sugar and stir it well for 5 to
7min, this is concentrated syrup, after filtering pour in to a container and connect with machine..
this will mix with plain soda and produses 50lts of flavoured soda.. that is 250glasses of 200ml.

* sold at Rs.6 (200ml) * profit Rs. 4.05 * Includes Gas, Water, Sugar, Flavour, Paper Glass,
Power * 500 glasses per day will gain 46,500 per month * 1000 glasses per day will gain
93000 per month. To sell at 5rs sinply provide 160ml.. flavoures once mixed will stay good for
7days, so there wont be wastage loss.

we generally have machines in stock, so if you place an order request then your machine will
be dispatched in 4 working days and may get delivered in 4 to 5 shipping days. once machine
delivered to your place my technician will visit
and install machine and provides complete knoledge on how to maintain and clean the machine.

the most important a customer needs to know before purchase of sodamachine is the cleaning
part in maintenance . machine runs whole day and earns you income, your responsibility to
words the machine is cleaning . you must keep machine clean like water tank and filter the
flavours properly .. these machine can run fo 8 to 10 years with out any fail, you just need to
keep it clean